Our expert faculty are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, and teach everything from business to finance. They have all excelled in academia or industry, and bring with them a lifetime of real-world knowledge.

This real-world knowledge is what sets our faculty apart. They don't just recite from a syllabus - they appreciate the practical application of everything they teach, giving their examples and case studies unparalleled relevance.

Below are biographies for just a few of the faculty that make FINUK College a true centre of teaching excellence.


Principal, FINUK College

Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Law, Doctor of Philosophy in Finance

Professional Qualifications: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Work Experience

An ex-practising lawyer, Dr Benedict was instrumental in the acquiring of investing education and financial news website by American firm ValueClick in 2010. He continue to pursue personal interests by writing as well as sub-editing for notable firms such as Seeking Alpha and also for itself thereafter. Earmarked to lead an education arm in the States, Dr Benedict joined Finance U.K. Ltd in 2014 and was assigned the task of setting up its college. 


Ph. D. Graduated from Business School of Nanjing University

Current: Deputy General Manager / Chief Technology Finance Officer of private equity fund company with a fund management scale of more than 1 billion yuan.

Hold qualifications of securities practitioners and fund qualification.

Former Associate Professor / Department Head of Jiangsu Provincial Administration College. Has 15 years of teaching experience, mainly for government officials and senior management of large enterprises

Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. To study the flow patterns of Chinese local officials and their impact on local economy and social development.


Ph. D. Graduated from Management School of Southeast University (Management Science and Engineering)

Current: Teacher in Nanjing Audit University, School of Accounting. The courses are securities investment, financial management, international financial management, accounting technology and corporate strategy and risk management.

Main research direction: company funds allocation and governance. In recent years, presided and participated in 2 of the National Natural Science Fund. Published more than 10 articles in "Journal of Systems Engineering", "Xuehai Journal", Journal of Southeast University and other professional core journals.


Ph. D. Graduated from School of Management at Xi'an Jiaotong University (Accounting)

Current: Teacher at Nanjing Institute of Accounting, School of Accounting. Teaching financial statements of listed companies, financial management, management accounting theory and practice (graduate courses).

Hold certified public accountant and registered asset appraiser qualification and practice certificate.

Has presided for Hai Zheng shares, Changqing Oilfield management accounting (software) system design and other large enterprises to provide cost management, financial analysis and other aspects of training. Former financial manager and chief financial officer of large enterprises. Presided over and participated in 2 National Natural Science Foundation, 2 national social science funds, 6 provincial and ministerial level research.


Ph. D. Graduated from Beijing University, China Economic Research Centre, Financial Economics Direction.

Current: China Financial Futures Exchange, researcher.

Hold China Certified Public Accountants Qualification.

Former teacher in Southeast University, School of Economics and Management.

Research on liquidity of securities market, macroeconomic volatility and liquidity transfer.


Master Degree. Graduated from the University of Toronto, Cananda (Financial and Economics)

Current: Founder. The company is committed to providing online training on technical analysis of securities investment, block chain investment and machine learning. Has served a number of top financial institutions and international non-governmental organizations, such as Blackstone, the Global Food Policy Research Center and some quantitative teams.

University of Toronto Department of Economics, Research Assistant. Helped University of Toronto, University of Pittsburgh, many Hong Kong professors to build China's economic development data center and many more analysis.


Ph.D. Graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University (School of Economics and Management, Management Science and Engineering)

Current: Teacher at Nanjing Audit University, School of Accounting, Department of financial management. Teaching financial analysis of listed companies, corporate strategy and risk management, CMAP2 and other courses.

Visiting Scholar, Curtin University, Australia.

Presided and participated in 2 national natural science fund projects, published more than 10 articles in Chinese social science citation index (CSSCI).


Master degree. Graduated from Nanjing Normal University (School of Finance)

Current: Private equity firm trader.

Hold qualifications of securities practitioners, fund qualification.

Senior traders, engaged in stock, options, futures and other investment products trading. Have extensive practical experience in quantitative hedging, value investment and other investment strategies.