• Trading is in our DNA. For more than 10 years, Finance UK Limited has helped clients make trade payments, access liquidity, and manage risk. Our institutional strength, practical expertise, comprehensive technology, and unparalleled network enable us to deliver powerful global solutions, when and where our stakeholders need them.

  • Finance UK Limited possess thorough product knowledge, offerings, and services, and have a clear understanding of the investment style and needs of each stakeholder. Based on this knowledge and understanding, we are able to customize Credit Suisse's large product flow and identify opportunities for stakeholders seeking to improve their investment returns.

  • We represent institutional accounts in the equity marketplace by serving as the communication conduit between stakeholders and equity traders. We also provide stakeholders with research, trading ideas and capital commitment. Our sales traders act as the "eyes and ears" of their stakeholders in the equity marketplace by identifying trends in the marketplace and providing market colour to stakeholders.

  • Finance UK Limited sales traders work with stakeholders in order to obtain the best and most effective execution for their orders.

  • Finance UK Limited offered both breadth and depth of stock coverage.  In addition to stock recommendations, our analysts offer thematic research, proprietary data points and insights into industry trends, food chain analyses, global views, and unique valuation perspectives. Our highly ranked Equity Research strategists give stakeholders unique views on market trends, sector weightings and regional preferences as well as customised quantitative, accounting and tax perspectives.

  • At Finance UK Limited, we understand the dealing room must evolve at a faster pace, expanding its capacity to support the immediate and future needs of our stakeholders in three key areas: Execution, Risk Management. Looking ahead to these upcoming changes with innovative solutions and forward-looking thinking, Finance UK Limited could help you make the most of future opportunities, now. We offer sophisticated 24-hour coverage across our main trading and sales platforms in London, China and Hong Kong, and we provide a wide range of solution-driven products for our Corporate and Institutional stakeholders. Our knowledge of local markets, coupled with Finance UK Limited global reach, enables us to provide a comprehensive and bespoke service across every major asset class. Specifically, we offer our stakeholders access to Equities, Fixed Income including Credit and Rates, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, in addition to Research, across both developed and emerging markets.

"Leading the way in financial markets, we deliver innovative solutions to meet clients’ risk management, financing and investment need.

When a stakeholder raises investment capital with us, they are placing a tremendous amount of trust in us. It’s a privilege, and its trust I think you have to earn. And we have earned over the last decade.

Where many see investment challenges, we see opportunities. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to understand their needs. Then our professional analysts suggests solutions to help them see the potential, rather than the problems."



At Finance UK Limited, learning is for all ages and people who are looking to improve themselves further. If you are interested in what we are doing, look no further and join us for a short course, while you learn the trade secrets and expand your horizons with us.