• Founded in 2003

  • Provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified stakeholders base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals

  • Headquartered in Britain with offices in all major financial centres around the world

  • No political contributions in the United Kingdom from corporate funds

  • Our Compensation Principles include:


  • No employment, "golden parachute," or severance agreements with our executive officers

  • Robust clawback provisions and transfer restrictions

  • Culture of rigorous risk management supported by robust analysis

  • Encouraging a firm-wide orientation and culture

  • Evaluating performance over a multi-year period

  • Discouraging excessive or concentrated risk taking

  • Attracting and retaining proven talent

  • Aligning aggregate compensation for the firm with performance over the cycle

  • The CEO sets agenda for Board meetings and approves related materials. The CEO also consults and directly communicates with shareholders and other constituents, as appropriate

  • Independent directors regularly meet in executive sessions, chaired by our CEO

  • Board reviews leadership structure at least annually and has flexibility to change structure at any time; there is no set policy on whether the roles of Chairman and/or CEO should be separate or combined

  • For 2015, directors received an annual grant paid in GBPs, which they are required to hold throughout their tenure

  • Average tenure of directors is approximately 6.5 years

  • 25% of shareholders can call a special meeting

  • No poison pill

  • Majority voting policy for election of directors

  • Our current director attendance for Board and committee meetings averaged over 96% in 2015, and each director attended over 75% of meetings


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