“Private family funds is popular among wealthy families, investment club members and other partners looking to keep family wealth together and invest in a range of asset classes on a collective basis.”

How can you best prepare for the future?

Decision you make at every stage of life have long lasting implications. We can help you make meaningful decisions for the today and your future.


Your Vision, Our Experience

Decisions made at every stage of your life can have long-lasting implications. We can help you evaluate your choices, as well as provide guidance to grow and preserve your wealth for all you envision now and in the future.


1. Will I have enough to continue my lifestyle ?

2. Can I afford being aggressive in my wealth creation ?

3. What do I need to do to provide for my family and future generations?

4. How can I best establish philanthropic legacy?

Delivering the insights and opportunities exceptional clients demand.

We help our stakeholders pursue their wealth management goals through careful advice, astute investment management and access to the capabilities and network of Finance UK Limited.

·      Today more than ever, investors of significant means deserve unique expertise, individual attention and a dedicated partner who understands both the challenges and opportunities that come with substantial wealth.

With deep expertise and resources for addressing complex wealth challenges, the Finance UK Limited Private Wealth Management division and its distinguished team of private wealth advisors offer perspective and insights into what affluent stakeholders need and expect—industry-leading innovation, global solutions and an exceptional level of service and execution unmatched by any other wealth management firm. Finance UK Limited is committed to serving an exclusive community of multigenerational families, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

·      It has taken you decades to successfully build up your assets. Now it is time for you to plan the best way and the timeframe you want to pass them on. We ensure that, when it comes to succession planning, your personal, family, and business affairs are organized strictly according to your wishes.

·      For more than 10 years, Finance UK Limited has served generations of international families playing a pivotal role in the organisation and effective transfer of family wealth. We stand out amongst our competitors for having the capability to advise, design and implement bespoke solutions for stakeholders. We place great emphasis on considering the entirety of a stakeholders’ assets and how a planning solution will work in the context of these together with the family dynamics. 

·      You’ll have access to leading professionals and extensive global resources of Finance UK Limited, including research information from Finance UK Limited S.I.T. Analysis and Research Division.

We’ll also help you stay abreast of the latest market news and understand how it affects you and your investments, with timely articles and alerts.