• The strategic and geographical locality of our funds gives Finance  UK Limited that edge to take up our positions whenever we want it and fast. S.I.T. emphasizes on the best possible entry to harvest maximum profit while reducing the risk, pivoting on the element of speed and accuracy.

At Finance UK Limited, learning is for all ages and people who are looking to improve themselves further. If you are interested in what we are doing, look no further and join us for a short course, while you learn the trade secrets and expand your horizons with us.



  • Scion Impact Trading S.I.T. is one of the most powerful event driven trading methodology. Finance UK Limited deploys sets of S.I.T. Analyst & Risk Mitigation  teams, always monitoring the whole global financial market conditions 24/7 for big events or crisis  happening in the world.

  • It is the indisputably most successful and complex trading methodology used in crisis trading and is exclusively unique to Finance UK Limited.

  • Our S.I.T. Analyst & Risk Mitigation teams collect fundamental data and analyses which is the best trading instrument that best suit that particular market condition. It adapts to most market conditions to harvest the best possible outcome.

  • Our stakeholders has profiteered from all different trading instruments including categories from Equities, Commodities and FX in all different event driven market scenarios.

  • S.I.T. has traded almost every single big event driven market condition or crisis that ever happened.  Scion Impact Trading boosts up to 90% accuracy.